International Corporate Services

Doing Business Internationally? 

When doing business across borders, its important to understand to you may need to register to do business in the new country you are operating. There are various activities that constitute doing business and it varies by country. Some of these activities can include entering into contracts, litigation, advertising, marketing and market research, employees on payroll, selling products plus many other reasons. 

We have an experienced team of corporate specialists here to speak with you about what can constitute doing business in other countries and if you ultimately need to register your business in that country. 

While we cannot provide any legal and/or tax advice, our experienced team can speak with you abut the possibilities of registering your business in foreign countries based on your activities. 

What do I need to form a company in another country?  

The process of forming or registering a company in a foreign country is difficult, but with a helping hand, we make it quick and painless. Most Countries will require formation documents to be prepared and filed with a centralized corporate registry or within the municipality the entity will be doing business, similar to how entities are formed in the United States. However, in most countries, these formation documents have to be prepared specific to the company. 

Luckily, we have the knowledge and experience to walk you through the formation and registration processes in whichever country you need assistance with. From Mexico and Peru, to Singapore and Japan, we have the know how, along with an incomparable network of international resources to help you. 

If an entity is registering in another country as a branch office or will be the owner of a new entity in a foreign country, then additional documentation is usually required. This additional documentation that an entity will have to submit is usually a good standing certificate, certified copies of the original formation documents and other forms of due diligence on the directors, officers and sometimes the shareholders. 

In many countries, the entity has to list a company secretary, who is usually responsible for handling ongoing compliance requirements. 

In addition to your formation documents, you will need to list a registered office in which Service of Process and other important government documents can be sent to. 

What are the ongoing requirements for doing business in another country? 

Generally speaking, most countries require some form of an annual report and annual fee, made payable to the corporate registry where they are registered. It is also a requirement to maintain an active registered office address

The company secretary is the responsible party to handle these ongoing matters. The company secretary generally is the party that makes sure all annual filings are made and all corporate reporting requirements are met. 

But what if you don't have a company secretary in a foreign country to handle this? The good news is, we do. With our network, we can provide those services to you in whichever country you need. 

Other countries have other requirements such as Annual General Meetings (AGM) and those meeting minutes have to be submitted to the registry as well. With our knowledge, we can advise you of what the annual requirements are in the country you intend to do business in. 

What are the next steps if i need to form a company in another country? 

As a business owner, or the legal counsel for a business, it's almost impossible to know the corporate statues and corporate laws in other countries. We have the network and resources to properly advise you and get you started. 

To learn more or to start your international filing, please contact us here, call us at +1-845-398-0900 or email us at