Foreign State Qualifications

Thinking of expanding into another state? Not sure what to do next? You're in the right place. 

As you expand into additional states, you will need to qualify your business to do business in that state. Common reasons why an entity might need to qualify into another state may include adding an employee to payroll, entering into a contract,  engaging in litigation plus many other various reasons.

As you expand into additional states, you may not have a physical location to satisfy the Registered Agent requirement. That's where we will help. We provide that address to fulfill the Registered Agent statute which allows you to do business in your new state. 

US Registered Agents can qualify your entity into the states you need to do business in.  Filing fees vary by state and your specific entity structure (i.e. LLC, Corporation). Please Contact Us or call us at +1-845-398-0900 for your specific request and a Corporate Specialist will provide you a quote.