Corporate Kits and Seals


When setting up your company, you want to ensure you have everything set up properly. While the corporate kit isn't a requirement to have, it is something legal professionals will highly recommend you have. The kit will prove to be highly valuable to you to keep all of your company's documents in one, secure place. 

The Kit itself is an elegant three ring binder that contains your entities most important documents, such as the incorporation documents, by-laws or operating agreements, stock certificates, resolutions, your corporate seal and any other documents your entity has. The kit is also the perfect location to house other important documents such as contracts and business licenses. 

How much is a corporate kit? 

Corporate Kits start at $89. The price can vary based on a few factors including class of shares (Common vs. Preferred) and amount of authorized shares. Please Contact Us with any questions or to order your kit today. 

I like everything electronic, what about E-Kits? 

We're glad you asked. We offer electronic corporate kits. It contains the same documents as the physical kit does, but in .PDF formats. We offer these kits starting at $65. Please Contact Us for additional information or to order your E-Kit today. 

What entity structures need a Corporate Kit? 

While LLC's have less record keeping requirements than a Corporation, it is highly recommend that any entity that is formed has a corporate kit with all of their files in it. Corporations generally have annual meetings and various corporate records that have to be kept, the kit is the perfect place to house those minutes. 

LLC's on the other hand, do have to maintain an operating agreement and file annual reports with their respective Secretary of States offices to maintain active status. The kit is the perfect location to maintain a chain of recording and filing.  


A corporate seal, also referred to as a company seal, is a stamp used to emboss your company documents, which can be used to certify them for various reasons. The corporate seal contains the entity name, jurisdiction of formation and the year of formation. Many legal professionals refer to this as the "Official Signature" of the company. 

Some documents that may require the corporate seal are loan agreements, leases, agreements of sales, contracts (including vendor and employment contracts) and board minutes. 

Corporate seals may also be needed by banks in order to open a bank account.

How much is a Corporate Seal? 

We offer Corporate Seals as a stand alone product for $60. The seals are also included in the physical and electronic corporate kits. Please Contact Us to purchase yours today.