Who are USRA's Clients?

USRA clients include almost anyone who needs our basic services – formation of corporations and limited liability companies, registered agent/registered office services and retrieval of corporate documents both domestically and internationally.

Law Firms

USRA services legal professionals including attorneys and paralegals who are involved in corporate law. USRA will obtain any necessary forms, offer assistance in completing them and file them in any jurisdiction. USRA services include  the formation of any new entity,  the filing of an Application for Authority to do Business and a myriad of other ancillary needs such as mergers, dissolutions, withdrawals, etc.

Business and Securitization legal professionals rely on us to service their financing agreements quickly and cost-effectively.

Banking legal professionals rely on USRA for special agreements which are often used by offshore entities when a tax-neutral jurisdiction is required. USRA provides registered agent services as required for specific statutes such as the USA Patriot Act which mandates registration by foreign correspondent banks.


For legal professionals in corporations we offer customized solutions such as specific SOP instructions for different groups or divisions. USRA also offers numerous cost-effective solutions and features addressing corporate compliance issues that typically fall to Chief Financial Officers. This might include handling a company’s on-line corporate structure in a secure environment.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

USRA’s services are not just for large corporations and law firms but cover small businesses as well as do-it-all entrepreneurs who often need help negotiating the maze of corporate compliance issues.