Changing your Registered Agent

If you feel you are paying too much or receiving less than satisfactory service from your current Registered Agent, or if you find it difficult to reach a representative when you have questions about your account, consider changing your registered agent to US Registered Agents, Inc. 

Only a handful of companies have USRA’s broad range of registered agent and corporate representation capabilities – and no one is as affordable or cost-effective as USRA.

And we can serve as your registered agent whether or not we originally formed your company – at an annual fee, in most cases, of just $129. And for larger companies with a multi-state presence, USRA offers volume discounts for even greater cost efficiencies.

For all our clients, USRA provides:

  • Unparalleled service
  • Expertise in all areas of corporate services with 15 years of wide-ranging experience
  • National and international coverage
  • Extremely competitive fee structure