Annual Report Monitoring Service

Obtaining, preparing and filing annual reports/registrations while handling the normal responsibilities of a business can put an unnecessary burden on compliance managers and other personnel. US Registered Agents provide our clients with trusted and timely Annual Registrations Services.

Through one of our affiliates, we can apply our Annual Registration Management Service (ARMS) to organize and manage the time-consuming and difficult process of filing Annual Reports/Registrations – giving your employees more time for the pressing demands of daily business.

ARMS can perform the following functions:

  1. Call each state and perform a Status Check on each entity to determine if the Annual Report/Registration has been filed, the next filing date and if it is in good standing. If we find any deficiencies, we will obtain the necessary forms to return the entity to Good Standing.
  2. Obtain and prepare the Annual Reports/Registrations for each entity in each state prior to the due dates.
  3. Send completed Annual Report/Registration forms for execution to the customer, where necessary, prior to the due dates.
  4. Submit the Annual Report/Registration and advance all nominal filing fees to the appropriate state office.
  5. Track the filing to insure each Annual Report/Registration is filed.
  6. Post all filing information to our secure website, accessible with your private login and password. The following valuable information will be available:
  • Entity Name
  • Date Filed
  • Jurisdiction
  • Filing Status
  • Form Name
  • Filing Fee
  • Due Date
  • Check Number
  • Date Submitted
  • Invoice Number