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How do I get more information about USRA services?

You can learn more about USRA’s many services for law firms, large and small companies, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs, by speaking with one of our knowledgeable USRA representatives at this toll-free number: 1-888-664-6263. Or email us by clicking here.

Will I be able to speak with a USRA representative if I have a question?

USRA has been in business since 1998. We are not a virtual company. We have our main office located in Tappan, New York, as well as affiliates across the country and around the world, with a full-time staff knowledgeable in all areas of our business. We are open to take your calls and answer your questions from 9am – 6pm, Monday-Friday, Eastern Standard Time. Call toll-free right now if you like: 1-888-664-6263.

What other corporate services can USRA provide for my company?

In addition to registered agent services, we have specialists who can handle simple or complex corporate transactions and needs. Additional services include Qualifications, Change of Agent, Incorporation and Formation, Amendments and Mergers, UCC Searching and Filing, UCC Forms and Information, Tax Liens, Suits and Judgments, and many more.

Please contact us for many information on various corporate services that we offer by calling 1.888.664.6263

How am I billed by USRA for your services?

USRA will bill you for a year of registered agent services ($149 per year per jurisdiction, in most cases) when you open your account. If you have multiple units (the number of entities and each State of registration) in various states, or units set up at different times, you can arrange for a discount or billing flexibility. We can bill you on the anniversary date of the account set-up for each unit or send you one consolidated annual bill with any partial units appropriately pro-rated.

Do you have volume discounts for multi-state orders?

Yes. It’s an important reason why many companies and law firms use USRA. It helps them consolidate all their registered agent and corporate services in one place with a very advantageous cost structure.

How do your fees compare to those of similar companies?

While some of the services performed by US Registered Agents are customized for a particular need, and therefore have variable fees, we pride ourselves on offering our clients basic registered agent services for an annual fee of just $149 per jurisdiction (in most cases). Our low-cost, high-quality representation services are possible thanks to the high volume of work we do and our many years of experience. As a result, USRA fees are very affordable for every company, law firm or business owner.

How easily can I access information about my accounts?

Easily, quickly, and securely. We provide secure, 24-hour a day remote access to your vital company information, customized reporting tools, and complete Service of Process history. You will access USRA’s private, password-protected network with your own User Name. It couldn’t be simpler or more secure.

How quickly can US Registered Agents have an SOP forwarded to me?

With our electronic Service of Process capabilities we can provide immediate service notifications. If paper processing is preferred, we are able to forward documents and notices to your offices or legal counsel within 24 hours.

Can’t one of our employees perform registered agent functions for our company?

Yes, an employee might be able to act in this capacity, but using a professional registered agent is your only guarantee of expert, reliable and timely representation. Named employees may quit, go on vacation or may fail to recognize the importance of the service of process. Default judgments, lawsuits, and loss of “good standing” can be crippling to a company. Working with an experienced firm like US Registered Agents – always there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – is the only guarantee you have that your interests are fully and securely protected.

What happens if I do not have a registered agent?

In a worst-case scenario, you or your company could have monetary penalties imposed, sanctions and the loss of your “good standing” to do business in the state in the event you fail to appoint or maintain a registered agent/registered office. This could also affect your company’s ability to enter into business agreements and contracts, might void others, and could limit your access to state courts.

What services does a registered agent perform?

US Registered Agents and similar agent service companies represent the business interests of a client, particularly in accepting Service of Process (SOP). Any legal proceeding, legal notice, or official communication served upon the company must be addressed in a timely fashion to avoid costly default judgments. A registered agent will also forward to your offices tax and regulatory compliance documents and any other official correspondence.

Why must I have a registered agent?

The law requires that any entity such as a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, etc. doing business within a state or jurisdiction must appoint and maintain a registered agent or have a registered office in that state. This is so government agencies, consumers, and competitors can find that company in the event that legal actions are taken against the company or compliance issues arise.